Torbreck Woodcutter's Semillon 2019 with Steamed Abalone

Always think single varietal Semillon wine is underrated. ​ This Torbreck Semillon from Barossa Valley is as good as those from Hunter Valley. ​ Delicate scents of citrus, limestone and toasted brioche. ​ On palate, medium bodied, crisp acidity with notes of citrus oil, white peach, and hint of almond. ​ The crisp acidity and oily texture of the wine pair extremely well with the sea sweet and slightly chewy texture of the steamed abalone.​

​「酒 · 入廚房 by Wine Deli」會定期介紹唔同菜式的美味搭配俾大家,今次先介紹來自澳洲Barossa Valley既 Torbreck Woodcutter's Semillon 2019 配陳皮蒸鮑魚。​

食材:做節食好啲用上鮮鮑界皇者 - 南非孔雀鮑、果皮、葱​
做法:刷乾淨新鮮鮑魚 -> 陳皮浸軟、刮囊及切絲,葱切絲 -> 陳皮絲鋪上鮑魚大火蒸8-10分鐘 -> 洒上葱絲,淋上熟油及蒸魚豉油即成​

澳洲Barossa Valley跟Hunter Valley既Semillon同樣出色,今次介紹既Torbreck酒莊更被Robert Parker評比為「世上最偉大的156個酒莊之一」。呢支Semillon果味同酸度十分平衡,帶有🍋🍑🍞同礦物味,口感豐富,帶點油脂感,跟濃郁既鮑魚鮮甜味同淡淡陳皮香味十分配襯。南非鮑厚肉爽身,酒既適量酸度又能令你每啖都嘆得舒舒服服 🤗​


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