Versatile while Approachable

Semillon is a white grape variety that generally requires moderate to warm climate to produce good quality wines.  It can produce single-varietal wine but also commonly be blended with other white grapes like Sauvignon Blanc.  Semillon wine is typically easy and early drinking but there are also good examples that are complex, oak-matured and age worthy.  Bordeaux AOC in France is an important region of Semillon together with Sauvignon Blanc, while Sauternes AOC within Bordeaux is well-know worldwide for its sweet white wine made from Semillon.

Characteristics:  Medium to high acidity, range from dry to sweet, light to full body; with green-fruit flavours (apple) and citrus-fruit flavours (lemon) of just-ripen grapes, or stone-fruit flavours (apricot) of botrytis/noble rot grapes


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