DELI-Points Programme - Terms and Conditions

DELI-point Programme (“Programme”) is a customer loyalty programme operated by Wine Deli HK Limited.  By joining the Programme as a member, you agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions: 

  1. Way to earn DELI-points:  Once become a member, you can start earning DELI-points by making purchase or referring a friend to join and purchase on our website. 

Upon Purchase:  1 DELI-point for every HK$1 spent 

If you use discount codes to purchase, DELI-points will be calculated based on your net purchase amount and the decimal(s) of ≥ HK$0.5 will be rounded up while < HK$0.5 will be rounded down, e.g. if your net purchase amount is HK$388.4, you will earn 388 DELI-points while if your net purchase amount is HK$427.6, you will earn 428 DELI-points. 

Upon Referral:  If your referred friend joins and purchases on our website, you and your friend both will earn 600 DELI-points

Upon your Birthday:  1,000 DELI-points will be awarded to you as birthday gift. 

  1. Way to redeem DELI-points:  You can use your accumulated DELI-points to redeem cash coupon. 
600 DELI-points = HK$25 Off Coupon
1,100 DELI-points = HK$50 Off Coupon
2,000 DELI-points = HK$100 Off Coupon
To redeem, simply login to our website and access the loyalty widget by clicking the launcher icon in the bottom right corner.  The cash coupon will be issued in a way of discount code.  You can use the discount code to enjoy cash discount for your next purchase. 
  1. VIP Tiers: You can earn DELI-points according to the following VIP Tiers: 
  1. Please allow some time for DELI-points to be credited to your account after your purchase or activity. Our record of your accumulated DELI-points is final and conclusive. 
  1. You cannot transfer your DELI-points or combine with other members’ DELI-points. 
  1. Some products or collections may be excluded from the Programme and will not earn DELI-points. 
  1. If you refund or return any goods which DELI-points were earned, we will deduct and adjust DELI-points that you earned in that original purchase. No monetary refunds will be given for returned goods that you purchased by using DELI-points. 
  1. If you are inactive for 12 months, your accumulated DELI-points will be expired and turned to zero. 
  1. DELI-points do not carry any cash value and we have the rights to: (a) adjust, withdraw or cancel any DELI-points awarded or to be awarded to you; (b) suspend or stop the Programme; and (c) terminate your membership if you make no purchase on our website for over 24 months. We can exercise these rights at our sole discretion at any time and without prior notice.