Picnic Wines for the Summer

The sun is shining and the summer has come!  You may be heading for a picnic in a park or on the beach.  Picnics are all about the food, company, and of course, the perfect wine to pair with all of that.  So, plan the perfect picnic by packing the right wines.  We have the following recommendations for you:-

Picnic-Perfect Whites

Sauvignon Blanc are dry, crisp, herbal whites that are ideal for summer sipping.  Every sip of the wine just like kissing the grass field.  And more importantly, the wine won't overwhelm picnic food.  Shop now!

Moscato d'Asti is a lightly fizzy white with flavours of pear, peach, citrus, white flower and acacia honey.  It works perfectly with light fare such as fruits and salads.  Shop now!


Easy-drinking Red Picnic Wines

It is always good to choose a lighter bodied red wine for picnics.  This modern style Australian Grenache with brightness and juiciness is definitely a good option.  With flavours of raspberry, strawberry and red cherry, fresh and lively, what a bright summer!  Suggest to enjoy it slightly chilled.  Shop now!

If you bring charcuterie and cold cuts for the picnic and still prefer a little bit stronger red, try this Syrah from Italy.  Fruity, sweet vanilla, easy-drinking!  While this wine doesn't need to be served chilled, suggest to carry them in a cooler and allow them to sit for about 10 minutes outside of the cooler before serving.  Shop now!

Food-friendly Rosé for Picnic

Many people enjoy Rosé in the summer.  Not only because of its light body, it is a food-friendly wine.  Its lightly acidic profile offers red fruits flavours that pair well with all kinds of food such as salads, cheese and crackers, or seafood.  It is a must bring wine for picnic!  Shop now!